Self- Distructing

LOC allows users to send secure photos and messages to other users that will be deleted once reviewed in seconds. All messages and pictures made within LOC are private and unrecoverable.


All new online store provides a variety of free stickers for users to download in the most convenient way. Try LOC on-line shop you never experience.


Location Based Social Networks notify you when friends are near by. "Chek-in" and find out a set of locations to your based on your interests.


A huge collections of free cute sticker for users to download.



To adapt the ever-changing cloud era, LOC team has insisted the ideas to make progress with times and devoted to the development and……

Websites of communities

Over 7000 online communities
The inter-exchanges of thousands of communities
and tens of thousands of residents.
Provided for your concerns about any trivial
things anytime and anywhere.